Board President, Executive Director

Logan is a musician and youth music educator. Born and raised in Tucson, he is passionate about fostering an all-ages, DIY art and music space in the city where young people feel safe and supported. Logan has been involved in music his entire life, and loves all aspects of the community. He has helped run venues and book shows in Tucson, and has toured all over — 48 contiguous states, 10 countries, and counting! He is excited to see this vision come to fruition after years in-the-making.


Nirantha balagopal (she/they)

Board Treasurer, Office Manager

Nirantha has been playing in bands and booking art and music shows for nearly a decade. She plays in multiple bands in Tucson and is passionate about the incomparable interpersonal connection that music creates. An organizing team member of Electric Witch Workshops, she believes that music and art should be accessible to all. Her vision for Groundworks is a place to change the idea of art as a medium for only the elite.


Timothy f. milneR (he/him)

Board Secretary

Timothy is a musician, high school English teacher, and avid book collector. From singing in choir to starting bands in high school and beyond, he’s always been around music in some way. He believes that music and the arts can put words to ideas otherwise nameless, and create deep connections. He sees Groundworks as a space where young people will grow as artists, belong to a community, and build connections. He’s especially excited for the first time he hears a young musician say that Groundworks is their favorite place to play music.  


sophie mctear (they/them)

Managing Director, Marketing and Design, Social Media

Sophie is a graphic designer and illustrator. Originally from the east coast, Sophie has found community in music and art in Tucson. They started their career creating posters for shows and album art for bands, and still find that those types of projects are their favorites to work on. Though they are a classically trained violinist, they find the most joy playing DIY shows with friends. They are excited to work with young people, and help foster the same community that helped them grow into their identity and make long-lasting friendships.  


Kyle keller, “keller” (he/him)

Operations Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Keller is a touring musician and a bit of a spiritualist at heart, and admires that art (and music especially) has the ability to invoke feeling. He believes music can make you feel old, young, smart, dumb, in misery, or in love and can be profound in ways that words alone sometimes cannot describe. To him, music can evolve in ways beyond the artist’s initial intention, and that’s what makes it come alive. He is most excited for the friendships and community that the space has the ability to create.


jonathan malfabon (he/Him)

Planning and Building Consultant

Jonathan has been playing music for over a decade, and spends his days as an electrical engineer and builder. He finds art very therapeutic, and appreciates the release of stress that creating music can provide. He is excited to support a nonprofit he believes in and work with a group of passionate people to get the space ready (from the “ground” up)!


ONDREA LEVEY (she/her)

Visual Arts Director

Ondrea has been drawing since she could figure out how to hold a pencil. She has taught workshops for several years, and in the past few years has become a full-time art teacher at Tucson Magnet High School (focusing on drawing and painting), as well as an educator at MOCA (focusing on installation art). She believes that art provides a visual marker of one’s progress, and is excited to help empower students to show their creative expression through the arts.


Cord boyd (He/him)

Sound Designer, Engineer

Cord is a local musician and sound engineer. If he’s not going to a show, he’s booking one or working the sound booth. Cord has lived in Tucson his whole life and has a love for the local music scene. Formerly a co-owner of the Tucson-staple-venue Gary’s Place, he is excited to help start a new all-ages space for bands and young musicians in the area.